Review | African Pride – Shea Butter Miracle Buttery Créme

In a local hair shop  - about to buy the amazing stuff!

In a local hair shop – about to buy the amazing stuff!

I don’t really follow the whole hair type thing…

About to contradict myself – my hair is basically 4c. I guess the categories are useful when it comes to trying to describe what your hair is like. There are certain parts of my hair that would probably fall under the 4b category (slightly looser). I’m 100% Nigerian… If you want to get technical – 99.9%. Both of my parents come from Nigeria (I’m sure you already worked that out – gosh I’m so extra), therefore, my hair is naturally thick (If you’re Nigerian and your hair isn’t like this, I’m sorry for putting you in a box 😉 ). It’s quite manageable though, as long as I take care of it and moisturise it when needed.

Moving on, let me just talk about a new water based product that I have been loving. If you haven’t guessed already by the title, it’s African Pride’s new Shea Butter Miracle Buttery Créme  product. It’s amazing. It instantly de-tangles my hair so effortlessly; I don’t have to do much. It enables me to put the comb down and use my hands to de-tangle – with no stress. Also, it has a lovely fruity scent, like most of their products. When I had my extensions in, I used it on my scalp occasionally and I am convinced it contributed to the growth of my hair. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ .

This also gave me an amazing twist out the other week. Check out my post on ‘Length, Length, Length #1’ and see the pic.

Thin products just do not work on my hair. This, however, is the perfect consistency; it’s not too thin and not too thick. My hair loves it. Another thing it does, which is very important for me – it leaves my hair feeling super moisturised. If a product doesn’t make my hair feel like this, it’s pretty much useless. Another thing I like about this product is that it’s affordable. You can find this in your local hair shop for about £2.49 (In London. Still affordable elsewhere though).

My aim this year is to find out what my hair likes and simply stick to it. So far, this product is one of them. I am going to build a staple collection – products that won’t ever fail me. Once I have that I’ll feel more comfortable trying out other things. When that collection is complete I’ll be publishing a blog post about it.


Thanks so much for reading!

TS 🙂


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