Length, Length, Length #2 | Trimming.


Quick length check.

Quick length check. If you’re wondering – my style was just a fluffed out twist out.

Here’s my second blog post on this subject 🙂

Today I’m gonna be typing about maintaining the length that has already grown out of your head, teehee. It’s so easy to forget about it but our roots are actually the least important thing. If you don’t maintain the middle, to the end of your hair, you’re going to experience breakage – which will set you back when it comes to growth.

One way to maintain your ends, is by trimming. I used to hate that word. However, it goes a long way. Trimming prevents split ends, and split ends cause breakage because it causes friction with other strands of hair as you style it etc. There is no set time to trim hair (do what works for you) However, here a few signs that you need a trim…

* Many many split ends and knots (Signs:  finding it extemely hard to de-tangle… like, harder than usual, Hair feeling ‘fluffy’ and brittle at the ends

* Dry ends that never seem to remain moisturised.

* ‘Stunted’ growth – A lot of the time, if our hair ‘stops’ growing, it simply means it’s breaking due to weak/damaged ends. Hair is always growing.

* Heat damage (Signs: the ends of your hair have no curl pattern – permanently straight, discoloured ends)

* Never been trimmed before/been a very long time

If you’re reading this and you have dead/split ends and you’re thinking,

“My hair will be so short if I get it trimmed…”

– Just remember that short healthy hair is better than long damaged hair. You don’t have to cut loads of inches off at once. Anyway, it’ll grow back before you know it.

Another alternative is called ‘Search and Destroy’ – this method speaks for itself; rather than trimming every strand, you’re looking for what needs to be snipped. I plan to use this method every few months.

❗ Make sure to use proper scissors. When I type ‘proper scissors’, I mean:

* Scissors that are for hair.

* Scissors that have not been used for anything but hair.

* Sharp scissors.

If you’re doubting, get a new pair 🙂

❗  If you’re gonna go to a hairdresser to trim your hair, make sure they are trustworthy. Personally, I would do it myself – if something goes wrong I only have myself to blame!


Please let me know what you think of this series. As always, thanks for reading.

TS 😀



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