NHBD! & A Thank You.

On the 14th of June I was contacted, via email, by Rae from the Natural Hair Blog Directory.

They have awesome ways of helping you get your blog noticed e.g. submitting your opinions on certain topics or simply sending a link for a page from your site. Check them out on Instagram too; you’ll discover many natural hair bloggers with amazing blogs. You’ve got nothing to lose – give it a try 🙂 .

Bare in mind that I started on the 5th of June, so it was gob-smacking. Of course, I signed up (who doesn’t wanna get noticed when they’re a new blogger??)

…They requested to follow me on Instagram which I honestly wasn’t expecting. I followed back. As I looked through their pictures, I noticed that they had mentioned my new blog, with a screenshot of one of the pages (I submitted the screenshot but I was still so surprised, teehee)

Thanks NHBD!

I’ll also take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all my followers and readers. I honestly didn’t expect to have this many already.



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