Length, Length, Length #3 | Sealing.

Hey, hope you’re all well 🙂

If you’ve had natural hair for a while, you have probably heard about this many times. Sealants.

A fluffed out twist out.

A fluffed out twist out.

The purpose of a sealant is to trap moisture in the hair shaft for as long as possible. There are only a few oils that have been proven to be able to go into the shaft as well as provide sealing (e.g. Coconut oil – scroll down for my review on the one I use).

So, oils should mainly be used for sealing in moisture, not moisturising. If your hair is malnourished and you’re just putting sealants on it, it’s only going to get drier and drier. This was me a while ago –

“Dry hair. Hmmm. Let me put oils all over it – that’ll solve the problem. Nope still dry. What’s going on??”

It wasn’t until I did some research, that I realised I needed to apply moisture first (water/water based products provide moisture)

Here are a few oils and their benefits (I’ve kept it short and sweet and easy to read):

Coconut oil – click on the link to see my post on it 🙂

Olive oil. Prevents hair loss, good for the scalp due to antioxidants.

Jojoba oil. Helps to moisturise your hair, as it penetrates the hair shaft.

Avocado oil. This oil has very useful vitamins (A, D, E, potassium) Throw this in your DC (deep conditioning) treatment and your hair will feel amazing.

Castor oil. Thickens hair, very good for keeping your hair moisturised

There are many more oils out there of course but the ones above are great to start off with.


If you have any questions at all, feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for reading.

TS 😉



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