Review | Giovanni, Smooth As Silk, Deeper Moisture Conditioner.

I had been in need of a good moisturising conditioner for quite a while. I think it’s handy to have one that will simply nourish your hair and make it nice and soft 🙂

After asking for advice on and seeing a few people mention this conditioner, I decided to pop to Amazon and buy it. It came the next day, which I was very happy about. I couldn’t wait to wash my hair once it came (not that I don’t wash my hair normally… hehe… no honestly, I do wash my hair)…

Giovanni, Smooth As Silk, Deeper Moisture Conditioner.

Giovanni, Smooth As Silk, Deeper Moisture Conditioner.

Moving on swiftly – after washing my hair (with TRESemmé Split Remedy… I’m moving on to their Naturals line soon and I’ll review it), I put the Giovanni conditioner in my hair. It foamed so nicely… My scalp was rather itchy before washing my hair that day. Rather itchy (read that again with a proper London accent), so I made sure to massage my scalp more than usual. It really soothed my scalp, which is now itchless (I make up words sometimes).

The smell… it doesn’t really have a noticeable smell. Fair enough but I kinda wish it did. It left my hair feeling smooth and nourished. It’s also great for de-tangling because of its consistency.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

All right, I’m going backwards here –

Just before washing, I had parted my hair into three sections. People – before this – I had never sectioned my hair while washing. I think I saw it as weird and just not possible. Let me tell you – I’ll section every time from now on. I noticed that I lost much less hair than usual from doing this and it made everything much easier. I feel so silly now hehe ^^’ . If you have type 4 hair, this is definitely a must; that type of hair tangles the most. This is a life saving thing to do, can’t believe I didn’t start sooner. Big lesson learned. This should’ve probably gone on the next Length Series (scroll down my blog to see the last three) but I just could not stop typing ( XD ). Wow that was a big an enormous ramble… 

There are so many different opinions on this conditioner, so I’m glad I tried it out for myself.

 Have you tried this conditioner? How many stars would you give it?

TS 🙂


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