Length, Length, Length #4 | Stretching.

I’m gonna go straight into it… Keep your hair stretched as often as you can. I don’t know about you, but wash-and-go’s just aren’t for me. That would give me so many tangles. Tangles create major hair loss. As soon as I’ve washed my hair, I lightly dry with a t-shirt. I learned that it’s better for your hair, to dry with a t-shirt instead of a towel, as it’s less harsh on your hair. Anyway, a towel will take away too much moisture that you need to lock in.

I put my hair into twists or plaits with twists on the ends (this makes it easier to take them out when it’s dry). It’s important to add product when your hair is still fairly wet, so that the moisture seals in. While I’m twisting away, if my hair gets drier, I spray some water on it – the last thing you want to do is seal dry hair.

Just before I headed out to work. Still got grannyfication going on but – ah well.

Just before I headed out to work. Still got grannyfication going on but – ah well.

I section the sections and add: my shea butter mix, then coconut oil. I de-tangle again while doing this (I finger de-tangle and I use a wide tooth comb where I need to). To further stretch my hair, when it’s all in twists/plaits, I stretch them across my head and secure them with clips/bobby pins. This whole process helps me retain length because of the constant stretched state – less tangles – less breakage 🙂 .

I’d look a little silly with all those random clips in my hair and I had work the next day – so I covered the back of my hair with my silk scarf and left the front of my hair out, to decrease the… grannyfication XD yes, another made up word.




Do you keep your hair stretched?

TS ❤



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