New Theme.

Hi All,

You’ve probably noticed I’ve completely changed the look of my blog. It’s quite a big change (let me know what you think) but I was tired of the fact that I couldn’t change my text background to white. Also, it just didn’t look professional at all.

I’ve started my drawings (if you’ve read the About page you’ll know I aspire to become an Illustrator one day), so I needed this site to look more appealing… I haven’t yet moved up to premium (when you can buy the website for a certain price per year) so I couldn’t do it via CSS. I also wanted a theme that had consistency (the theme I had before restricted me in many ways, such as, certain styles not showing the title of the page). So the other day I started searching and searching for a better theme. Finally found something I can definitely put up with until I buy my site. Thought I would update you all.


TS 🙂



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