Illustration. The Beginning.

Warning: This post is very different 🙂

I’m an aspiring illustrator. From a young age, I was always fascinated by illustrations by Quentin Blake (I read a lot of Roald Dahl books in my childhood I love how unique Quentin Blake’s style is – when you see a drawing by him… you just know he drew it), Theodor Seuss Geisel (AKA Dr Seuss), and the Mr Bean (cartoon version) If you know who the illustrator is, let me know please. I also love illustrations by Frannerd. Her drawings are simply amazing. One more – Tony De Saulles – his illustrations (‘Horrible Science’) always encouraged me to read, and giggle.

It’s like having your own signature. Fingerprint. I can’t even tell you how many doodles and drawings I drew when I was younger and up ’til now. I just love it. There are no rules really (apart from being consistent). Recently, I decided that it was time for me to find my unique illustration style and, well, start drawing. Here is my first completed drawing:

My Berol packs arrived and I coloured in their faces immediately. Ignore the floor they’re standing on, hehe.

My Berol packs arrived and I coloured in their faces immediately. Ignore the floor they’re standing on, hehe.

Yes there are still a good few things I need to define and brush up on (no pun intended), but you’ve got to start somewhere right? It was between water colours and felt tips. I decided to go with felt tips until further notice, because they’re easier to use and carry around. Also, I just prefer the bold look that felt tips produce. I went with the Berol brand. I have loved Berol for years. Their felt tip pens took up 80% of the space in my pencil case in secondary school. Their pens truly last for ages as well. I got mine from Amazon. I got the brush pack (not suitable for heavy-handed people), as well as the normal pack, because these pens have a lovely effortless feel to them. I won’t be using them as much as the normal broad pen pack though, the normal pack has more of a sturdy feel and you don’t have to be as delicate.

My first project is going to involve natural hair though. Sharee Miller’s work inspires me so much, I can’t even explain. It made me think – it’s about time I start working on what I enjoy. Also, you don’t really see black girls with natural hair, featured in novels. It’s still a rare thing to see, if we’re honest. I want to be a part of seeing this grow (no pun intended). After this project I’m going to start drawing different people and see how it goes.


Hope you enjoy more of my work that is to come.

TS 🙂




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