Helpful Hair Tools.

Hello Readers! I saw a thumbnail for a post about hair tools. So I thought –

“Hey. Let me share what tools I use for my hair and how they’re helpful…”

Natural hair clashing with Illustration :)

Natural Hair clashing with Illustration 🙂

1. Wide tooth comb. Sometimes I just can’t finger de-tangle my whole head of hair. I have to intervene with this comb because it isn’t too harsh on my hair (the teeth aren’t close together, which would rip hair out).

2. Faux Denman brush. I have a ‘Faux Denman brush’ because it looks like one, it just doesn’t have that name. In my opinion, it isn’t too far off from one. I mainly use this brush to smooth out my hair at the back and sides when I’m going for a tidy look… I will be getting a real Denman brush soon though XD .

3. Boar bristle brush. Great for rebellious pepper grains (that’s what I call the little bits of hair I get at the back, teehee). If you use this brush, use it very gently.

4. Hair Scissors. Not just ordinary scissors. Hair scissors. Sharp ones too. Very handy when you’re in desperate need of a trim, or if you get one of those impossible-to-unravel knots.

5. Toothbrush. Perfect for applying product/gel to those edges. Quick tip – the closer your hand is to the top of the toothbrush, the more control you have.

6. Bobby pins and pins. You just need these in your life. Perfect for neatening hairstyles and tucking away. I’m sure we’re all still yet to solve the mystery of why they always disappear.

7. Chunky hair band (for buns). I don’t know the actual name for these but to me, it’s the better version of those bun makers that are sold everywhere. I just feel like they give a better (more realistic) shape and if it peeks through, it’s not too obvious.

8. Anti-Snag Hair Bands. Just hair bands with no metal – these are less likely to pull strands of hair out.

9. Satin scarf. Definite essential. You don’t want to be up all night with eye bags, moisturising and twisting your hair, only to wake up with dry hair. Without a satin/silk scarf (and/or pillow), your hair will lose A LOT of moisture in the night because the cotton will absorb it. Also, satin and silk are very gentle on our hair, unlike cotton that causes friction and breakage.

10. Fingers. Where we be without them? They are the safest ‘tool’ for de-tangling and parting.


What hair tools could you not live without and why?

TS :mrgreen:



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