L-Lemme Illustrate // Career Chat

The illustrating continues…

Drawing things other than just the two girls. Such as, a bike.

Drawing things other than just the two girls. Such as, a bike.

Working on more scenarios.

Working on more scenarios.

The support I’ve been getting from my family and friends has been quite overwhelming. Telling me they’re proud and that I should chase my dreams. Means so much and some of it was unexpected. Obviously you still get the odd friend that gives you the what-are-you doing-that’s-just-a-random-doodle, face, but they’ll understand one day. Hopefully. When it comes to illustration, a lot of people can go –

“Pffft anyone can do that… That’s so childish.”

It’s true. Anyone can do it – that’s because everyone has their own style. I love that about Illustration; no one can say, “I’m/they’re better than you.” At the end of the day, personal style can’t be copied. If you’re trying to get into Illustration – don’t doubt – keep going. If it’s something you can see yourself doing for a long time (commitment is key) and you actually enjoy it, then go for it. This doesn’t just apply to Illustration. It applies to whatever it is you’re interested in doing. After a while, a  hobby can be a job too.

As I’m typing this, tomorrow is my last day at this job that I have (customer service/admin etc.) It’s time for me to start doing what I enjoy. I LOVE blogging – I’ve loved typing thoughts, stories and doing diary entries since I was very young. The only difference is, it’s now on the internet.

Enjoy. I’ve wanted to do something that I enjoy… for a long time. In college, I was one of those students that didn’t really have any idea what they wanted to do. I did know that University just wasn’t for me.

After studying Photography in college, I always knew that I wanted to be AROUND creativity. I always knew that I wanted to DO creativity. However, I went straight into admin work because it was easy to apply for (had previous experience in that sector). Don’t get me wrong, I like doing admin – as long as I enjoy the environment.

If you don’t enjoy the job you’re in, do what you can to find something new. Don’t do it out of being lazy otherwise you’ll never be faithful to one job. Also, having different jobs for short amounts of time doesn’t look good on anyone’s CV… I am definitely not doing it for that reason (I’ve been offered a different opportunity – I can do a post on it if you’d like). If you are truly feeling depressed (I believe there are different levels of depression) due to your job, start making plans (after speaking to God and finding something else). It’s not worth your health. If you’re in a situation where you need the money etc. Stay. Be wise *. Ask God to strengthen you. If it’s really that bad, you’ll be motivated to search.


Yes that was a long post and it got a bit rambly… However, I really hope this has helped some of you out there and encouraged you to chase your dreams.


* Note: I am not telling anyone to leave their job. I’m saying stay but use whatever time you have to find something new 🙂 .




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