Inspiration | Folio Illustration Agency.

If you’re well into Illustration, then I’m guessing you know about this company already.

Folio is an illustration agency based in central London. We pride ourselves on representing contemporary illustrators and artists of a particularly high quality and versatility from all over the world.

The diverse group of commercial artists represented at Folio specialise in the Advertising, Editorial and Publishing sectors. The Folio resource then extends further into Animation, CGI, Storyboards and beyond.

With over 37 years of working with the world’s top illustrators and clients, Folio is the perfect partner to take an idea from the drawing board to fruition. *

I’m typing to rave about their website – it’s AMAZING – you can get inspired just by scrolling through all the illustrators that have worked with them. Just seeing so many different illustration styles in one place *speechless*. Another brilliant thing is that they’re based in London – central London. I’m tempted to take a sneaky visit and just speak to someone there, for, I dunno advice? I saw that you can send off your work if you want to be represented. It would be… just… breathtaking if they actually contacted me… even for an Admin job… I’d probably cry with excitement (wow I sound really sad… oh well).

Anyway, if you’re an illustrator or an aspiring one, or you just like looking at arty things, you need to check out their site (link is right at the top of this post).


TS x

P.S. Natural hair peeps don’t fret – I have a lot in store 🙂


*Quote taken from:




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