Length, Length, Length #5 | Protective Styling

Loving these twists. Great protective style and easy to take out.

Loving these twists. Great protective style and easy to take out.

Protective styling is awesome for retaining length. The main reasons are:

Less manipulation (less breakage, less split ends)

Easier to look after

Protection against harsh weather

There are SO many protective styles out there for everyone. As long as you keep your actual hair maintained, the benefits are really cool. With every protective style, there are pros and cons. I thought I would share these with you. There are probably some styles that I’ve missed out but I hope this still helps 🙂 .


Pros: Hair is protected from harsh weather conditions. Very low manipulation.

Cons: Heat/chemical damage (when you get styles that cause you to leave some hair out). Dry hair (you can’t get to your hair/scalp properly, to moisturise it daily and keep it healthy). Also, leaving a weave in for too long will lead to dirt and tangles building up. Thinning hair and loss of the hairline, due to tight pulling (cain rows).

Extensions (single plaits or twists)

Pros: You can get to your scalp easily and keep everything moisturised. Easy to style in different ways

Cons: Dirt can easily buildup where your hair meets the extensions. Dirt buildup leads to tangles, which leads to breakage. Don’t leave them in for too long either. Can also cause the hairline to thin.

Wigs/Lace wigs

Pros: Hair is protected from harsh weather and low manipulation.

Cons: Wigs: The clips can be harsh on hair. Hair can get dry/damages if not looked after. Lace wigs: Breakage due to the glue that is used around the hairline.


Pros: I love buns – they can look casual and dressy. This style also keeps your ends tucked away, which is always good.

Cons: The only bad thing I could think of for this one, is if you pull too much, you could damage your edges.

Bantu Knots

Pros: Keeps everything tucked away and great for keeping moisture locked in. They can also give good twist outs.

Cons: If you pull your hair too much, you will lose it once these are taken out.


Pros: Your hair is put away without you having to worry about it.

Cons: It’s hard for hats to not look casual, so if you’re going out for something like dinner, it’s not really ideal. If you’re trying to keep moisture – most hats will take that moisture away, especially when worn for a long time.

Cain Rows

Pros: You can get some really nice styles with cain rows. They also keep your hair stretched and allow you to keep your scalp moisturised.

Cons: If the wrong person does these for you, you could end up with less of a hairline. Be careful 🙂 . If someone is pulling on your hair let them know. You shouldn’t have to be in discomfort so much that you’re scrunching up your face.

Mini twists/plaits

Pros: Very versatile – you can achieve many styles because they are so small. Easy access to your scalp.

Cons: You may experience extra shedding from your hands being in your hair constantly as you take them out. They also take AGES to take out. If you’re putting these in, be prepared to be taking them out for a long while…

The protective styles with the fewest cons are probably: Extensions (including box braids, single twists etc), bantu knots and loose buns. My advice would be to never keep a protective style/thing on for too long and to keep your hair and scalp moisturised and sealed.


What’s your favourite protective style and why?

TS 😀



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