Wash Day Tips

Washing our hair should be something that we look forward to. All that product buildup, the itchy scalp, the dry dull hair and, just ugh. However, I can relate to the oh-no-I-can’t-do-this feeling. It can be a burden sometimes, because it can be time consuming and tiring. It’s definitely worth it though.

Here are some tips that will help you on wash day. I hope these suggestions will help you to look forward to wash day 🙂 .


♦ Plan It.

You might be thinking –

Plan a wash day??

Yup, it does help. If you decide on particular day, you’ll be less stressed and you won’t keep putting it off. In your head, decide what products/treatments you plan to do and stick with it, otherwise that leads to… more stress. Morning, afternoon or evening? Totally up to you. Just make sure you’re not too tired – you don’t want to get impatient and end up damaging your mane 🙂 .

♦ Give yourself enough time.

Rushing equals breakage. How long does it usually take for you to finish washing and styling your hair? Don’t plan things too close to this, or you will find yourself getting fed up.

♦ Section your hair.

This prevents MANY tangles. This is embarrassing to admit but I only started doing this a couple of months ago (about time too). If you’re someone that doesn’t section, and you wash it all together, try washing your hair in at least three sections. You will notice amazing results – less hair in the bath and hair that is even easier to detangle. If this doesn’t happen, let me know in the comments… it will happen though, teehee.

♦ Don’t think of it as a chore.

Remember, this is for the health of your hair. Enjoy it 🙂 .


What helps you on wash day?





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