Maximised Moisture

New watermark :)

New watermark 🙂

When it comes to natural hair, moisture is a must. Without it, there is no health or growth. I’m going to discuss ways in which you can make your moisture more long-lasting.

Triple Sealing

When I came across this I was like woah woah woah I’ve never seen this before. Triple sealing??? Yes. This helps slow down the process of moisture leaving the hair shaft. It’s pretty simple – conditioner, butter (0r heavy cream) and then oil – one after the other.

Deep Conditioning

You’ve probably come across this one already, but I’ll add it just in case. If you’re just conditioning and not deep conditioning, this might be the reason why your hair isn’t as soft or as moisturised as it can be. Deep conditioning, especially with a plastic cap, gives your hair maximised moisture because this penetrates the hair shafts more. Deep conditioning also restores moisture and improves the elasticity of your hair, making it much easier to style. Leave the deep conditioning treatment in for anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes, depending on the state of your hair. DC’s work best on clean hair.

Are You Spritzing?

In the natural hair community, the word ‘spritzing’ is often used when someone is using water to refresh their hair before they seal it. It’s important that you use water or a water based product to give your hair that needed moisture, before putting anything else in.

Are You Sealing?

Make sure that after moisturising, you’re sealing with an oil and/or a butter. If you don’t seal, the moisture that you’ve put in will easily escape and you’ll be left with dry hair once again. Find the oil that works for you. Usually, the thicker your hair is, the heavier oils and butters you need to keep your hair nicely sealed. When I seal, I’m able to keep moisture for up to 3 days XD .

The Greenhouse Effect

This method is also quite simple. Apply your oil of choice to the length of your hair. Put your hair away (this can be a bun or twists etc). Place a plastic cap over your head and leave it on either overnight, or for a very long time. As the cap is over your hair, the Greenhouse Effect begins. The heat that is produced, encourages the oil to deeply moisturise your strands. Then, just take the cap off and let it dry naturally. Also, you don’t need to wash it out or anything.

Satin Scarf and/or Pillow

When we sleep, at lot more happens than you think, especially with our hair. If you’re not covering your hair correctly, you will lose way more moisture than you need to. Materials like cotton soak up practically all the moisture from our hair, making it dry when we wake up. If you aren’t doing this already, try it and you will see the difference. Satin is great because of its texture – it doesn’t soak up as near as much moisture from our strands and it also protects our hair from harsh friction, preventing hair loss and damage.

How do you retain moisture?

TS 🙂



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