Must Be the Bun

This isn't my hair by the way; I have extensions in.

This isn’t all my hair by the way; I have extensions in 😉 .

I think I’m very well known for wearing a bun. I’m trying (hehe trying) to get out of my comfort zone by doing other styles but I often fail. There are also many types of buns for everyone’s taste. You can have them high, low, big or small. I personally like them high and quite big. It’s very versatile and just awesome.

Not only do they look really cool, but they are great for protective styling. This style protects your hair from harsh weather and also keeps it stretched, preventing chaos when you take it down.

If you’re having a lazy day and you’re not sure what to do with your hair. Try a bun. Remember – keep those edges though; try to keep it as loose as possible.

Tip: If your hair isn’t quite long enough for a big bun, try adding hair that matches yours – it will look natural and effortless.


Do you do buns too often like me? What’s your signature style?




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