Finding the Right Product

Once you've found it, stick with it.

Once you’ve found it, stick with it.

Finding the right hair products can be a real mission. Even if someone has the same hair type as you, a certain product may still give you different results. This can be due to the simple fact that some of us have different textures all over our head. We stumble across things that we think will hold but instead our hair rebels and it springs up. Things that we think will enhance curls, but instead we end up with shrinkage. Things that claim to provide moisture but your hair feels dry after minutes of applying it. Try considering the following things beforehand.

1. Compare what you’re gonna buy, to what already works for you. Does it have similar ingredients?

2. Just because that brand worked for you in the past, doesn’t mean this new thing they brought out will work. Try it but don’t get your hopes up too much.

I have definitely experienced this. I loved a particular product and was so shocked when something in the same line, did NOTHING for my hair. HAHA, literally nothing.

3. If the first few ingredients don’t contain what you need, I’d say leave it. The first ingredients are usually what the product contains the most of.

For example, if you’re looking for something water based for moisture, you should buy something that starts off with that very thing – water.

At the end of the day, I guess you won’t know unless you try. The key is, once you have found products that work for you – stick with them. Create a box of staples that you can run back to when things get crazy, so that you know you won’t be let down.


What’s in your staples?

TS 🐻



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