Heat Damage



It’s been basically a week, so I’m coming at you with another illustration and natural hair combo. Heat damage is something that is very easy to find, especially when your hair is in its natural and shrunken state. It sticks out like a sore thumb. Here are some signs as well as some solutions, to help some of you out 🙂 .

Scraggly ends

Scraggly is probably the best word I can think of to describe damaged ends. You can detect this by running your fingers along your hair. If you can feel a rough difference towards the end, then it’s probably time for a trim, because those ends are most likely damaged.


In my opinion, if it’s irreversible, the best thing to do is trim it and then make it a mission to protect your ends. The longer you leave it, the more split ends you can and the less length you retain. You can do this (protect them) by conditioning, focusing on your ends and by sealing your ends as much as possible.

Straight hair amongst shrunken hair

These bits of hair are heat damaged or have been chemically treated.


I would let these grow out a bit then trim them bit by bit, so that your hair doesn’t get too uneven.

Certain styles don’t look good anymore

For example, a twist out with heat damage isn’t gonna look as good as one without. On the heat damaged twist out, the twists won’t be defined all the way through and you’ll see the pattern turning straight. You’ll notice the difference as soon as you’ve managed to get rid of the damage.


Trim the weird ends off to give your hair a more even look.

Heat Styling

The more frequently you use heat on your hair, the more at risk you are at getting heat damage. Many people think they know this already and that it’s ok because, “I use a heat protectant”. However, I struggle to believe that using heat every day can ever be all right. Surely some damage is going to be done.


Try to use heat as less as you can. When you do use heat, use a lower temperature. Maybe it will help if you stay away from styles that ‘force’ you to use excessive heat on your hair e.g. leave outs in certain weave styles.


What do you do to avoid heat damage?

TS ♥


4 thoughts on “Heat Damage

  1. Christina J says:

    When I had heat damage I would cut them off. But the reason I had heat damage was because I used no heat protectant…I know, I know. But I was new to the natural world. But now of course I do



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