When You’re Feeling Low

Photo taken from: http://myrevelment.com/post/25342450475

Excuse the spelling but I love how this picture illustrates the subject. Photo taken from: http://myrevelment.com/post/25342450475

Some of you may not believe in God but I felt compelled to post this… I’m not a know-it-all, these are just my thoughts.

Feeling low. It happens to everyone. Just in different ways. From being really quiet, to shouting and becoming extremely irritable. It’s not about what happens. It’s how you get through it. It may seem really obvious but it’s also easy to try to ignore this one – PRAY. It’s so simple. We go to friends and family when bad things happen, so why not also seek God? After all, there’s only so much family and friends can do. I’m not saying family and friends are useless – trust me – without them I wouldn’t be here. Just don’t forget God.

After you’ve prayed about it, you should already feel much better. Tell God everything. Pour out your heart to Him. If you still feel the same… Pray again.

Speak to someone that you can TRUST. Don’t feel forced to spill the beans. If someone is truly close to you and trustworthy, they won’t need to force it out of you. You’ll naturally spill the beans and feel comfortable during and after the conversation. On the other hand, if you’re feeling low about something that’s YOUR fault, you need to speak to someone that will CHISEL you. What I mean by this is… it’s easy to run to someone that will cradle you when it’s actually YOUR fault. People that tell you the truth care about you. Converse with someone that will be honest with you and encourage you too. Fake people will only destroy you. Fake people won’t help you grow. It will stunt your growth. I’ve always made sure that I have real people around me. I will be forever grateful for them, because it has helped me to move forward. If you’re not going forward, you’re definitely going back. Slowly but surely.

There’s hope even when you’re low.


What do you think about this post?

TS ❤


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