Fearfully and Wonderfully

I’m sure we’ve all dealt with insecurities to some degree. Some of you may not believe in God… but I do. I always have but I didn’t take it seriously until I literally gave my life to Jesus in 2006. There have, of course, been ups… and downs but I’ve somehow made it and I’m still here. Insecurities take over when we fail to realise that we are born to be unique.

When something is “fearfully” made, it’s done with care – this is how we were made. With care. It’s something that God thought about, something He paid attention to. He didn’t close His eyes and click His fingers. He did it with passion. Like I’ve said before – He is an ARTIST. 

When we begin self hate, it’s almost like we’re screaming to God, “I hate what You’ve made! It’s not wonderful!” Imagine that – you’re telling the greatest Artist of all time, that His work isn’t good. Doesn’t add up.

I’m not saying that it’s possible to never be insecure. We will all have days when we feel low. I’m saying we need to try to remind ourselves every day that, we’re all fearfully made. 

TS ♥ ♥


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