Oh, Bernadette

Well, Bernadette doesn't have the same hair as you :) .

Well, Bernadette doesn’t have the same hair as you 🙂 .

Excuse the title, teehee, I decided to just keep the name going (and couldn’t think of another option that I liked). I’m sticking to being myself in my blog posts so I don’t want to use ‘boring’ and predictable titles. Yes I am known for keeping cheesy silly jokes going. I will forever blame that on – my sister’s influence. Gonna stop rambling now…

Just because someone hates a particular product, doesn’t mean that you should disregard it. It may work for you and you might even end up loving it and seeing great benefits.

I can definitely say that I have experienced this. A year, or so, ago a friend told me something like, “Oh, you shouldn’t use that product because it has Mineral Oil in it.” Naively, this comment actually made me stop using it – mainly because I did my own research and found that, this ingredient is terrible for your hair. I don’t disagree that it isn’t good for your hair. However, this product actually caused my hair to grow, when I used to use it. I’m typing about DOO GRO, Hair Vitalizer – Creme Complex. You can search it up if you like, I didn’t really want to leave a link, as this post isn’t about a particular product.

It is a water based product (water is its first ingredient) – so it definitely isn’t as bad as others. Also, not every scary looking, long-worded ingredient is bad for your hair. I have decided to still use it but only when and where I need it, to prevent my hair getting weighed down. At the end of the day, if it works for me… it works for me. Everyone has hair that is unique to them so don’t let opinions stop you from trying products out for yourself*. You could be missing out.


Have you stopped using a product because of a comment? I think the main ones that should be avoided, are the ones that aren’t water based.

TS 😉


* Please note that I am talking about hair and hair only in this post. Not life. Hope that makes sense 🙂 .



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