So Serious // Quick Hairstyle

I was concentrating all right XD .

I was concentrating all right πŸ˜„ .

Thought I would share a hairstyle with you as I don’t do this often. In the mornings I’m usually in a rush trying to leave my house. So… I need to think of quick hairstyles that still look all right. I’ve always loved pompadour styles and they’re very easy to achieve. Well the ones I doΒ are anyway. Even if you don’t have natural/really curly hair you can still achieve this by:

♦ QuiffΒ ‘sponge’. Example here
♦ Back combing your hair to give it texture (wouldn’t advise this though as it can be damaging)
♦ Texture spray

This is really simple. It also looks really cool and retro, hehe. I literally section the front of my hair which happens to be where my curls are the loosest. I then fold and tuck it in about three sections going the same way and I pin everything in place. I did a bun at the back. A nice and quick hairstyle for when you’re in a rush or if you just like pompadour styles. This style is also protective, in a way, because all your ends are tucked away.




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