December Descends

Sorry in advance, this post is going to be quite wordy. 

I cannot believe it’s December. This whole year has been a blur. December itself will also be a blur – this month is packed with exciting things, including my best friend getting married… and my birthday XD . I have decided to make the most of every single day that comes and to not give up on certain aspirations that I have (e.g. working on my Christian fiction novel and illustrating). I’m not gonna wait until the new year to change my mindset. I’m gonna do it now. 

In the new year, we always aim to change, at that specific time. From the first day of the new year. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing but why does it have to be at that specific time? After all, the next day is never guaranteed. What if we don’t even get the chance to change then? 

At the moment, I’m reading an amazing book by one of my favourite authors, Charles R. Swindoll. Every single time I read a page or two, I make a decision to change my ways. Obviously, like we all do, I’m still going to have days when I find myself deeply sighing, but have a read:

“Others are not responsible for our happiness. We are. So many live their lives too dependent on others. Such clinging vines draw most, if not all, of their energy from another. Not only is this unhealthy for the clinger, but it also drains too much energy from the clingee!
… Maturity is accelerated when we learn to stand firm on our own. There may be occasions when others play helpful roles during needy episodes of our lives, but those should be the exception rather than the rule. Codependent people are not joyful people. Does this discount the need for close and harmonious relationships? Hardly. In fact, after encouraging a healthy independence, Paul turns the coin to the other side and suggests a need for balance: “with one mind striving together.” Why? Because life includes tests, and some of those tests involve “opponents” who are not to alarm us. Be striving together, we keep from being intimidated and frightened.”
– Charles R. Swindoll

It makes so much sense to me…

To all my Readers out there, let’s do it now. Let’s not wait until January. 



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