Finding Illustrators // Sharee Miller

Sharee Miller’s work is actually what inspired me to chase this Illustration ‘dream’. It made me rediscover how much I loved to draw my own characters and put my own stamp on them.

Hmmm… there are just certain details that you can’t achieve with felt tips like you can with watercolours. Like the way you can add depth and shadow and fading different hair colours into each other. Maybe I’m just using the wrong felt tips (let me know if you have any suggestions).

Find her AMAZING blog here – you should go and check it out for yourself. Ugh I just found myself on her Instagram page for absolutely ages. The colours and body expressions just draw you in.

I sent her an email recently and discovered the watercolours that she uses for her art. I won’t reveal the name of them yet 😉 but I will tell you that once I’ve bought them, I’ll be doing a review here on my blog. I’ll also show you what my drawings look like with those watercolours. This will decide if I ditch the felt tips or not.



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