Oh, How Hectic

Change your thoughts...

Change your thoughts…

This week has been super hectic. In a good way. From birthday celebrations (yes I turned one year older this week) to my best friend Ini getting married! I don’t know how long it’s gonna take for everything to sink in (perhaps a year or two). I thought it sunk in at her bridal shower but I was mistaken… Please bear with me as I gather my thoughts. I’ve known them both for over 8 years now and we’ve literally grown up together. They’ve come a long way and I am so proud of them. We struggle to see past the present and at one point no one knew if they would indeed end up being together and getting married. All along, God already saw that day – that day when they would exchange vows and become one. I thank God that He put Ini and Kurt in my life. It was no accident and they make such an amazing couple. An emotional roller coaster is the best way to describe this week.


At the moment I’m really hoping for a new camera – I really want to produce content with quality. When I think about putting money away for it, something else always comes up. I would like to brush up on my camera skills. The thought of learning Photography at college for no reason, actually really hurts. Before it’s too late, the camera will be picked up again. Photography is really an amazing thing to me and it needs to be revisited. It’s like the door of Photography is ajar and I keep peeking through, then moving away and shaking my head. Watch this space, as one day I will take you all with me on my Photography journey as I relearn it.

As usual, I will still be doing at least one blog post every week. Stay tuned for this blog to get even better. A little motivation for you and myself: 

Appreciate everything that God has given to you. Things will get better – just trust. Change your thoughts.

TS 🙂



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