Ups and Downs

Ups and downs.

There will be ups and downs.

I have now tried illustrating with watercolours. I got a standard kit from Tiger – so it’s definitely not the best quality but considering I think it turned out all right. Now, I’m not dissing Tiger; it’s one of my favourite stores and sometimes I find it hard to leave… Before getting a professional/better one (already know what that will be – will be showing you all) I thought I would try out a cheaper option to see if it’s really for me. You know – test the waters and all that (no pun intended but quite proud of myself). I won’t be abandoning the felt tips altogether, but it’s definitely good to have a different technique in your ol’ sketchbook.

The concept behind this illustration is that, no matter what, there will be ups and downs in the new year. Without meaning to sound boringly pessimistic, a perfect year is unlikely. We will be met with many different emotions – sometimes we may not even understand what’s going on. However, we can decide how we will deal with issues when they arrive. That is something that is up to us. Regardless of what happens, remember who God is. 

TS 🙂



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