Trees of Good Thoughts

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Let’s plant new ‘trees’ this year. Trees of good thoughts.
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Hello Everyone! Hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and all the rest of it.

Now, I have another wordy post. I wanted to record this somewhere I know it won’t get lost and also thought I would share with you how my Christmas break and New Year was. It was amazing. Nathan and I were at my mums (can’t go into too much detail but I will say that is a miracle and I will be forever grateful to God). My sister, of course, was there too. It was probably the best Christmas I’ve had so far, full stop. You can’t go wrong with an answered prayer, brilliant food, gifts and films (while we watched Jurassic Park my sister screamed as if she was actually being attacked by a Tyrannosaurus rex).

Not sure if I mentioned it but I also turned 22 on the 10th December 2014. I usually put a pic up on Instagram when it’s my birthday but I… couldn’t be bothered… or I just felt socially awkward at that time, not sure why. Moving on swiftly, I can’t believe I’m 22. It’s still sinking in. Am I still classified as a young person? A-a-am I? 😥

I’ve been seeing a few ‘New Years Resolution’ things floating around. Usually I sneer at things like that, but there’s truly nothing wrong with setting goals for yourself. I think the issue is that people don’t usually follow through with most of the goals they set. Motivate yourself (I’m speaking to me to by the way). It starts with your mindset. If you give yourself a New Year resolution, believe that you can and will do it. Then do it. Don’t start thinking, chances are you won’t. Then you won’t. I don’t know about you, but the more I think about doing something, the more chance there is that I will not end up doing that thing. For example, I long to be a fitter person. I need to throw myself into the deep end (not literally…) and just do it rather than think about doing it. Don’t put yourself off by letting your thoughts dominate you. Trust God. 

I love the concept of a new year being a fresh blank page in our books, our lives. It’s a nice and refreshing thought. Forgetting about past failures (we need to strive to forget these at any time in the year also) and looking to the future. Don’t remind God about what He’s already forgotten 🙂

This new year, let’s all (including me) change our mindset. No more, “I can’t.” At least more of, “I’ll try.”




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