Design Chit Chat

‘Ello. You may have noticed I’ve made some changes to the design of my blog. Well, I hope you have noticed, haha. I got rid of the ugly square-shaped header that was lingering over all my posts. It’s now a much more attractive looking shape. Another thing I got rid of – the header etc. Thought I would just include it in my new header image, to make things look more tidy and, well, professional. The flowery background has also gone. I have a few that I’m going to try out. Until then, please bear with the boring plain coloured background; it’s not permanent.

I have written a blog tips kind of post for a long time. You can see my last one here. While I’m on the subject of changing up the look of my blog, I thought I might as well share some tips with you. I’m going to discuss Design and a bit on Content.

do agree that content is very important. However, if your content is great and yet your blog doesn’t look very ‘nice’ – there is very little chance that someone is going to stay on your page and read what you have to say. That is why it’s important and worth it to make changes to the design of your blog. My blog still isn’t where I would like it to be. However, if you have been following me from the beginning, I’m sure you will agree that it looked much worse before. I hope you agree 🙂 .

It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the more complicated it is, the harder it is for visitors to find things. It can simply include a picture or two of yourself and the name of your blog. Please see this blog – I think it’s a good example of a nice simple header.

did touch on this a bit in my last post on tips. Try to stay away from blacks (when it comes to your background) it’s just a bit depressing isn’t it? And definitely don’t use black for the background of your text. Whose eyes would be able to handle that? You may think it’s great but if you want other people to read your content, you have to consider the deterioration of their eyesight XD . Also, make sure your background isn’t too distracting – especially if your text lays close to it.

Keep it Clean
Keep everything as tidy-looking as possible. Too many distractions, such as unnecessary widgets, will distract people from reading your content.

Spelling & Grammar
I am really quite obsessed with spelling mistakes. Practically everyone I know, knows this about me (if you spot any spelling and grammar mistakes on my blog please tell me) it’s really quite sad and I don’t know why I’m like that, haha. Put capital letters where they should go, unless it’s the style you’re going for. I use lower case letters for the ‘tscarlett’ in my header and for my watermarks but it’s just design purposes. That has to be made clear though – if you’re inconsistent with it, it will just be seen as a mistake.

When I read peoples’ blog posts and I spot mistekes < like that, I kind of grit my teeth and it just looks like they didn’t proof read it or check it over before publishing. It just looks unprofessional. I know you’re probably not typing up for a newspaper or anything like that, but a post riddled with mistakes looks like it was rushed and as though the writer didn’t care. Before you post something, check over it at least once.

Hope this was handy for you, feel free to share your thoughts.

TS 🙂



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