Finding Illustrators // Quentin Blake

When it comes to Quentin Blake, the word ‘finding’ doesn’t apply. Just thought I would stick to the title I’ve used for my other posts on this topic. I literally grew up reading books illustrated by him (and written by Roald Dahl). I’ve always been fascinated by his work and the way he draws. He inspires me to continue to find my illustration style; when you see work by him you just know it’s him. His illustrations encouraged me to read and read…and read even more as I grew up. His lines create so much character and you really feel like you know the personalities of the ‘people’ that he creates. 

Quentin Blake proves that there’s no right or wrong way illustrate when it comes to your signature style. 
If you’re an Illustrator and you’ve not heard of Quentin Blake or seen any of his work…Erm, where have you been living? Mars? Check his stuff out on his site below. He’s a legend.

Don’t know if I will ever get the chance to meet him but if I did, I don’t even know where I would start… “Can I have your autograph please?” No that’s too awkward. “Can you draw a picture of me in your illustration style please?” Why not. Way better than a signature right? Anyway, his website is great and there’s even a page dedicated to tips on drawing.

TS 🙂


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