Mind Our Minds.


Sometimes you can look at a scene like this, without actually taking it in – because your mind is preoccupied | Source

A different kind of post for you all. Hope it speaks to you in some way. Please note, I’m not a poet XD .


The stars remind you of your thoughts
So many that cannot be counted
Some are bigger than others
People take a sound mind for granted

Still staring at the beautiful night sky
But doubt is blocking those eyes
How to get out, you wonder  – why?
Your mind has become an archive

Yes, sometimes thoughts can be deadly
Causing you to image the unimaginable
Causing you to do the unfathomable 

It’s time we confronted this situation
Instead of responding with hesitation
What we think has stopped us for too long

We need to be bold, firm, and stand strong

Together with God, we can overcome negativity
Together with courageousness, we can apply positivity

We can mind our minds.




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