Wild Wild Winter

Winter is definitely my favourite season. Apart from the fact that I was born in December, I love winter because I can’t handle boiling hot weather. I would rather snuggle up than try to keep cool. However, it’s probably not my hair’s favourite season. My hair usually thrives in seasons like spring and autumn, because it’s not too hot and not too cold. It doesn’t cope well with the harsher seasons. Thought I would share some tips on how to keep your hair moisturised and healthy during these winter months.

Seal, seal, seal
If it’s going to stay moisturised for as long as possible, it has to be sealed with oils and/or butters. It’s no use just moisturising your hair and leaving it at that. Seal. Don’t forget those ends either, as they are the oldest parts of your hair strands.

Protective styling
This speaks for itself. Try as many protective styles as you can, to shield your hair from as much damage as possible, and also to retain length. Also, whenever your natural hair is out (see pics below) – tuck and pin your ends away as much as you can. Who doesn’t like retaining a bit of length?

Finger Detangle (as much as possible)
Due to the weather, our hair will be in quite a fragile state, generally. So try to cut down on the excessive combing and bristle brushing. More hair is likely to fall out if you aren’t careful with it, especially in the wild, wild winter.

Result = Even less breakage and hair that is easier to detangle ^.

I hesitated to type the word ‘water’. I’ve always had an awkward relationship with water. I’ve never been a big fan of choosing water as a beverage option. I usually ‘run’ straight to the juices and fizzy drinks (cutting down on those). If we keep our bodies hydrated, chances are, our hair will also become more hydrated and have more ‘life’. This, of course, isn’t just for winter, we need to do this all year round (talking to myself here too…)

Condition More
If you usually neglect this step in your hair routine, now is the time to step it up. Especially if where you live gets REALLY cold in the winter times. You will notice the difference and your hair will also be easier to deal with.

No Shower Cap
I notice that when I ditch the shower cap in the morning, my hair feels more moisturised. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I used one. The steam really rejuvenates your hair; it’s a good way to give it a little wake up every day.

How are you protecting your hair during the winter?




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