Hair-spiration // That Bun Though

Source This photo doesn't belong to me

This photo doesn’t belong to me.

Yes… I am still talking about buns. I was scrolling through Instagram the other day and I came across this. That bun though! The texture, the edges, the subtle shine. Just everything! I think buns are so cool and they look even more great with spring outfits.

If anyone knows where I can get these sunglasses/sunglasses like these, please let me know – summer is on its way! Sunglasses don’t usually suit me but these look similar to my actual prescribed glasses (Specsavers, represent!) If I find a pair that suit me, I may actually do an outfit post in the spring time. Woah, this is definitely not a fashion blog but I would like to, occasionally, surprise you and do different things ❤ .

TS 🙂


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