If the Internet Disappeared

Truth is, a good few years ago there was no such this as the world wide web. I know – if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t have this blog, but it’s interesting how much we need it, how much we rely on it. We need it to check when the next bus is coming. We need it to check emails and stay in contact with people. There are so many other uses that we have for it. Do this post yourself if you like, with my questions answered, and comment below with the link to it.

Would your hobbies remain the same?
Ok firstly this would automatically mean the loss of my blog – almost 9 months wasted. Not nice. I’d still have my sketchbook though.

Would you hate life?
No. I’d be bored at first but I do love to doodle and create people through my illustrations. I also LOVE to read. In all honesty, if the internet disappeared and I reckon I would be all right eventually…

Would you die of boredom?
At first I would be quite bored, let’s be honest. I would like to think that I would adapt by adding to the above.

How would you communicate?
I actually used to send letters to my friends (feel well old now) when I first left primary school. I think we did it for a couple of years and then eventually it stopped. It was actually quite fun – I would pick that up again.

TS :mrgreen:



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