Book Review: Redeeming Love

Hey All. It’s been a while. Ill and busy are my two excuses. While I slowly walk up the road of recovery (of both), wanted to share a book review with you. This has been brewing in my drafts for far too long. 

My word. I am actually typeless (on this blog that word does indeed exist). This book. Is incredible. Now, this is my first book review so I apologise in advance if it’s a bit all over the place. I just don’t know where to start with this awesome book. I do love a bit of Christian fiction. To me Christian fiction is usually a novel with a life lesson, or a novel based on an actual book in the Bible. Sometimes authors that write these books can make things so predictable and, frankly, cheesy. But oh, not Francine Rivers. I have now decided that, when it comes to Christian fiction she is my favourite author.

Let’s get on with it then. When you see the title ‘Redeeming Love’ it’s easy to think, Oh this is gonna be so predictable… However, I can assure you that it really isn’t. This novel is based on the story of Hosea in the Bible. I will summarise that story for you as succinctly as possible here:

God tells Hosea to marry a prostitute. God’s aim is to get him to see how He loves us no matter how many times we walk away from him.

I could not put this book down. At one point I actually starved myself to finish a chapter because it gripped me that much. Wow – possibly the saddest thing I’ve typed this month. I read it in about 2 days. That’s telling you something, considering I don’t get a lot of free time nowadays. I’m trying to do a review without giving too much away…

There are times in the book when you think you know what’s about to happen. Then you realise, Oh hehe ok. Be prepared because you really feel every single emotion that Francine Rivers conveys through this book. Fantastically gripping. You almost want to step into the story as the love Michael Hosea has for Angel (Sarah) becomes so real.

Going backwards here but from as far back as I can remember, I have always loved to read books. A lot of my childhood memories consist of walking into Waterstones and just being so happy, staring at the hundreds of books and wondering what I would find. I hope you enjoyed this rambly book review.



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