Does Our Hair Grow?

Course it does. It’s just that our type of hair is more susceptible to breakage due to its dry nature. Basically, we all have a natural hair oil and it’s called sebum. It’s role is to travel down the hair shaft and keep our hair supple. Our coils make it harder for this oil to travel, resulting in a drier texture. This is why people will straighter hair usually find that their hair can feel quite greasy after not washing it for a few days. 

Moisture is essential! Do your best to control everything that would cause your hair to break e.g. trimming off dead ends when need be, conditioning etc.

The concept that our hair simply doesn’t grow, is a myth. Many cases prove this to be untrue. Just go on YouTube and you’ll find many black women with LONG hair. This is simply the result of knowing what your hair needs.

TS 🙂



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