Finding Illustrators // Judith Kerr

It’s been a long while for this particular series on my blog. 

Judith Kerr’s work is definitely recognisable. One of the books I grew up reading was, The Tiger Who Came to Tea, written and illustrated by her:

(Anne) Judith Kerr, was born in Berlin, Germany, but has spent the majority of her life in Britain – which makes her German-born British. As well as an illustrator, she is also a writer and is mainly well known for her children’s books (if you’re British I’m sure you know who Mog the cat is). In the early 1930’s, her family fled Germany; her father had critisized the Nazi’s. During the Second World War, she worked for the Red Cross by helping wounded soldiers. She’s definitely been living an adventurous life.

I love her vibrant work and am glad I read her books growing up. I feel like she captured moments so well, with every stroke. She also often left backgrounds white and this just really makes you concentrate on all of the detail. Amazing right??


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