‘Bad Hair’ – Rant

Firstly, HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY to my blog!

I was doing blog reads quickly and I came across a blog post that really inspired me to have a good ol’ rant and put my own spin on a particular subject…

There’s a term that is often found floating around and that term is – ‘bad hair’. In my opinion, this term can only be used if someone isn’t taking good care of their hair. It cannot be used to describe someone’s hair just because it is in its natural state. Surely that’s unfair? There’s no point trying to put people down for choosing to not alter their hair shafts with the aid of chemicals. Because our hair is incredibly curly and ununiformed (not sure if previous word exists but it does now) it’s ‘bad’? Really? “My kids are going to have bad hair.” – Well they will if you don’t look after it…

I don’t like getting all preachy about natural hair because, to me, it really isn’t a big deal. It’s quite unfortunate that having natural hair is a big deal in the first place. Get what I mean? It’s just our hair, it’s how it is. Maybe if I had been having relaxed hair for my whole life I would understand more. Anyway, to me, if your hair is natural, I’m like, “Cool.”

On the other hand, I also don’t like it when people make people feel bad because their hair isn’t natural. In fact, I hate it. If one day they choose to go natural then let it be, don’t ram it down their throats. If one day, they find that the chemical process is causing their hair to break off, they’ll find out on their own. Yes they may find out when it’s too late but everyone gets warning signs. I have actually met/known of people with relaxed/chemically treated hair whose hair looks pretty good considering. Personally, after experimenting for a short period of time with texturisers, I found they left my hair dry, brittle and brown to be blunt. So chemicals are not for me and never will be. No one can persuade me to go back there. But our hair is ours. You only get one head in your lifetime so whatever choices you make when it comes to your hair, those are your choices. Just remember. YOGOH. You Only Get One Head.

What’s your view on this?



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