Happiness vs Joy

Everyone wants to be happy.

I believe there’s a difference between being happy and having joy. Happiness comes from outward things – things that you want, things that lift your mood temporarily. But joy – that comes from within. Without joy we enroll ourselves onto a neverending programme, a neverending cycle of disappointment. Here are some ways that I find joy:

God. I can cast all my worries on Him and He doesn’t mind. There’s nothing He can’t handle.

Pray. You may not be a Christian, but I believe that God hears me when I speak to Him. Sometimes it does seem like He’s silent but He knows WAY more than we will ever know. We’re not strong enough to keep things inside. That’s how we break – it builds up and we break.

See the good in whatever situation. There’s always something to be grateful for. If you’re reading this, be grateful that you have eyes to read. Be grateful that you can read English. Not everyone can.

Have a look at my Wednesday Wonder #20. That helps me SO much, I can’t even explain properly.

P.S. Hair post coming your way this weekend!



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