Wiggy Wig It

People are often embarrassed when it comes to speaking about wearing wigs. I don’t see why. I mean I do see why, but why? There’s only one main difference between a weave and a wig. That one difference is major but I see it as a pro rather than a con. It’s just:


This all means you can take care of your natural hair properly, rather than sewing hair on top of it and pulling it. People often think wigs fall off all the time. No, haha. That only happens when you haven’t secured it properly. I said goodbye to weaves a long time ago and I’m so glad I did. I didn’t wear them often but whenever I did, they did more bad than good.

When my full lace wig arrived I was so excited. I can pop it off and take care of my hair whenever I like. Moisturised clean hair all the time without having to think about cutting through thread or getting someone to help me. Also, I don’t have to worry about leaving out my own hair to cover any tracks, and trying to make it blend to only damage it in the process.



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