A Break

Hope you’re all well!

A chore, is something that blogging should never be. If you find yourself rolling your eyes when you realise you ‘need’ to publish something, it’s time for a break. So, it was time for a break for me. I miss simply being excited about hitting that Publish button. I need to start posting things that I genuinely want to, things I’m proud of. I found myself mainly posting ‘Wednesday Wonders’ for the sake of it, just so I could say, “I’m done,” rather than, “That was fun.” Going forward, I will only post ‘Wednesday Wonders’ when I have a message to go with it. I really need this blog to be something that speaks and encourages, as well as use it to let out the creative ME.

It’s time for me to sit back and really think about the direction of this blog and changes that I would like to make. I will be back this month, I just don’t want to put an exact date on it. This needs to be fun. Follow me on Twitter (@tolu_scarlett) to see a more active me.

Food for thought: http://www.maddycane.com/2015/09/lessons-for-myself-for-blogging.html



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