Visiting Venice

A couple of weeks ago now, I was surprised by Nathan with a visit to Italy for our three year anniversary. I’d wanted to go to Italy for quite a while so I was really excited. I hadn’t been on a plane for a while so, to be honest, when the plane took off I was a little scared (hate the part when it feels so vertical!) but after a little while I was fine. I do like flying. Just hate turbulence. 

We stayed in Verona (where Romeo & Juliet is set by the way). Aside from visiting tourist-y places, it’s nice to see what places are ‘really’ like and meet local people. Surprisingly, everyone expected us to understand Italian and they knew very little English. Perhaps I’m naïve for assuming that they teach this in Italian schools, I don’t know. Then again, I did learn Spanish in school, but I couldn’t have a full on convo with a Spaniard. Not yet anyway ( We went to Aquardens, a amazingly relaxing spa/swimming centre. Apparently the largest in Italy. It was amazing – didn’t get a chance to take pictures inside; I was scared about my phone falling into the water! There was a cave as well that had slow changing lights and soothing music. Oh, take me back!

Later on in the week, we went to Venice. A lot more tourist-y, but still such a great place to be. There are so many canals and boats in Venice – everywhere you go there is an awesome photograph to take!

I love the architecture in Italy, especially in the picture above from Venice. It’s just so different from what you see in London. I could also stare at it for ages; there’s so much history there. Anyway, of course in Italy you have to have pizza and ice cream. Standard right?


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