Don’t Erase – Learn

For the past couple of weeks I’ve had thoughts (amongst many others) brewing in my head, and I wanted to share some of that on here. To start off bluntly, we can never erase our mistakes anyway. All we can do is move on,  learn and try our best not to make the same mistakes again. Simple, but still hard – I know. We spend way too much time condemning ourselves about things that have happened in the past. Recently, I feel like I’ve let people down A LOT, in various different ways, but it’s time to decide to learn instead of spending time trying to get it out of my head. Leave it all with the One who can take it all – God. We give the past way more energy than it deserves – we let it overwhelm us and it dominates every single thing that we do. I’m not saying that I’ve overcome this. I will one day. Don’t know if this made any sense at all – sometimes it’s good to get things out.



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