Cherished Friends

Friendship is a beautiful thing. Friendship is what stops us from going crazy from isolation and boredom. Friendship is something that should be cherished and appreciated. Sometimes we find that people get sifted out of our lives. This isn’t always a negative thing. Sometimes it can be liberating, and it allows you to focus on the people you actually need around you.

I’m doing this post sort of in memory (or thought) of all the few but relevant close friends that I have. Friendship is not forced, your paths somehow collide and you begin to go on a journey together. Many things happen on this journey that cause you to become closer. Good and bad things. The good things give you memories, things to look back on and laugh about. The bad things encourage deep thoughts and how you learned different things about each other. The bad things mean so much because you brought each other through. Arguments came but you still fought for it. To you, it was totally worth it. You can count on them, they will go the extra mile for you or do whatever is possible. When you fall they want to help you get up – remember – your paths have collided – they don’t want to leave you behind. Yes, it’s not perfect, but it’s perfectly imperfect. There are wonky parts but that’s what makes your friendship unique and different from the rest. Each one is like a fingerprint. Oh how it feels so good to have a belly laugh with a genuine friend… That friend that was there even when you had NOTHING. They didn’t just appear because they saw new clothes on your back. It needn’t be forced or manipulated. They want to be your friend simply because you are you. Isn’t that such a beautiful thing?


2 thoughts on “Cherished Friends

  1. msjombla says:

    This blogpost is amazing, so true! The way you summarised friendship so concisely, yet so accurately. I love the way you described friendship as paths colliiding and being unique like fingerprints…beautiful!!! 😭😭🙌🏾🙌🏾



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