It Will Be OK (P.O.W #1)


As I type this I’m looking back and remembering everything I’ve been through as a human being. I’m thinking wow, how on earth am I still here? Sometimes you have to look forwards and convince yourself that everything is going to be fine. Think negatively and negative results is what you will get.

I haven’t done any illustrative posts on here in a long while. Mainly because a couple of months ago, I met up with a great illustrator Nadine Walker, from Yummy Design. She advised me to focus on my quality of work, rather than trying to do loads and not putting my all into it. Fair point. She also encouraged me to go out to illustrative events. I will definitely be doing this in 2016, and will take you on that journey with me. I have decided to embark on a personal project that contains pearls of wisdom and things that I have learnt in life.  The project is called *drum roll* Pearls of Wisdom (P.O.W). This project isn’t something that is going to be rushed. It will be a collection of things that is slowly built. I will take some time to base illustrations on things I’m actually going through – things that I can connect with. So, let the 10-part series begin (finishing somewhere in 2016)!

Be sure to have a look at my online portfolio, to see all my official scribbles so far.



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