Photography, Oh Photography

One of my main goals this year was to start building an online portfolio, not just for my illustrations (check mark), but for my photography. I studied Photography in sixth form college and left with a decent grade but that’s pretty much where it ended. One of my regrets. But now that I have a much better mobile phone (iPhone 6), I’m feeling very inspired and ready to learn. In the meantime, I’m still saving for my dream camera. Anyway, I have decided that I will teach myself, through accidental discoveries, as well as look online for some good YouTubers or just Photography enthusiasts. People that are easy to listen to and understand. Click here to see my Photography online portfolio, via PicsArt. There is also a button at the bottom right-hand side of my blog (or just right at the bottom if you’re reading from your mobile), for easy access.

Being self taught is an exciting, memorable and fulfilling way to learn.

News flash: It’s my birthday tomorrow (10th December) and Nathan is whisking me away to Lanzarote for three days. Watch this space for amazing photos from this trip! Yay, another adventure!

Dream camera.



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