Pointers for 2016

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! As you can see, I gave myself a much needed break from the laptop. Thought I would share a few pointers of things that I will be doing in 2016. It’s not really a new year’s resolution – more like how 2015 has changed me and caused me to learn certain things.

Continue to Use the Bad for Good
A lot of bad things may have happened this year. However, I shall do my best to create good from everything that has gone on. Mainly through writing and hoping that my words help people. Watch this space!

Healthy Bonds
Read an interesting quote last month – “If someone treats you like an option, help them by taking yourself out of the equation.” I’m saying goodbye to parasite relationships, as my friend and blogger Danielle brilliantly describes here. It’s so draining being a part of something like that. I’m going to just pray for them, in the distance.

Don’t Be Alone
What has really helped me towards the end of this year, has been being around people that I can really talk to. People who, when I’m with them, I can really let things out. It’s not good to suppress and keep things inside – that causes so much damage in the long run.

And Lastly
We only get one life. We can’t allow other people’s selfish ways to ruin it for us. By building stronger friendships with people that have helped me finish this year (crawling), I know (well, I hope) that 2016 will be a year of more smiles and more triumph.

I think all of the above, summed up, is friendship and positivity. If I don’t post anything beforehand, I wish you all a Happy New Year!


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