Being Different

We are constantly trapped in this system of trying to be like someone else. The thing is, no matter what we do to try to copy others, we will always be us. One day, I hope to publish a book about comparison, as I believe it’s really the cause of a lot of issues in this world. Here is a snippet:

We need to learn to be happy with who we are and what we have. Someone else in the world is probably praying for what we have. They could even be praying to just live for another day, while we’re here, discontent about what may be minor things.

Comparison isn’t just looking at someone with green eyes and a frown. It’s a deep heart issue, and it comes from dissatisfaction within ourselves. We can’t blame other people for what they have. We need to look within ourselves and realise what the deeper issues may be. It could be past rejection, fear of failure. Insecurities and low self esteem.

While we’re mere human beings, this isn’t something that will disappear just by reading this book. It is going to be a daily fight. However, we can learn to process this ugly thing differently, in a mature and thoughtful manner.


2 thoughts on “Being Different


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