Rain, Rain // App

I’ve never blogged about an app that’s on my iPhone before. Think this shows how much I love it… The other day, I was watching a video of something speaking about their favourite apps etc. They mentioned an app that helped them to relax etc. As I’m not into meditation, I decided to search for an app that basically didn’t have that attachment to it. Then, I found this! This has, very quickly, become one of the best apps I’ve ever found. I love the sound of rain and the ocean etc. (when I’m not in it) because it relaxes me and makes me feel safe. It reminds me of being somewhere warm when it’s raining outside – I think that’s a really comforting thing. If you deal with anything like, anxiety, claustrophobia, struggling to sleep, or you just panic sometimes, then this app is for you. Obviously, generally, when I panic I try to pray first and that helps me – this is just something on the side that has helped a lot. You can even mix sounds together and change the volumes for each one separately! So cool isn’t it?! This has really changed my journeys on the Tube in London for the better. It’s also so nice to fall asleep to. You can also time how long the app plays the sounds for, and it doesn’t stop abruptly – instead, it gently fades by itself. So you don’t have to worry about your battery disappearing in the night. Thanks Rain, Rain!



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