Hair-spiration // Intricacy

Welcome to the first week of me having a strict blogging schedule. Hey, consistency is key, and I do admire bloggers that stick to their schedules. So I want to do that too. Instead of another hair smoothie post, I’m switching it up with a bit of hair inspiration. Did a couple of these a while back and enjoyed doing it.

As soon as I saw this messy fish braid hair style, I just knew I had to pin it and try it some day. It’s something that you can try, whether your hair is straight, or incredibly curly. On natural hair it can be done, as long as your hair is stretched and at least collar bone length. If not, you can add a few extensions in, and it will still look awesome!

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My new blogging schedule is Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. At 3pm. Feels good to type that!



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