Soft & Shiny Hair – How I Do It

I recently took out my stretching braids and realised it was one of the best results I’ve ever had. So, I decided to take some close up pics, share them with you and let you know what I used/what I did to get this result. I’ve pretty much been using the same things for a while now and don’t plan on experimenting with anything else anytime soon. (Quick lecture: Once you find what works for you – stick with it!) When I say stretching braids, you may be confused so I’ll explain. Basically, I refuse to use a blowdryer as the go-to tool for drying my hair once I’ve washed it. Instead, I section my washed detangled hair, use the products and braid it up. It obviously is a longer process compared to blowdrying but with a bit of patience, it gives you, in my opinion, softer and healthier hair. 

There’s a method going around that a lot of people talk about a lot in the natural hair community. Since I started looking after my hair properly, I feel like I always did this anyway. It’s called the LOC method. Liquid, then oil, then cream. I kind of do it the LCO way, as I think it’s better for my hair when I finish with an oil. This method locks in the moisture and means your hair feels better for longer than it would if you just slap oil on it. After I’ve washed my hair it’s usually already in three sections. I always moisturise and seal my hair when it’s damp, so that I can lock in that water. Yes. Water is my liquid.

Firstly, I section a section (haha, really hope that’s understandable). I naturally have an itchy scalp. I can confidently say that this stuff minimises the itching A LOT and makes my scalp look healthy. I then use this and I detangle my hair again with a wide tooth comb. I then seal with my favourite coconut oil (review here) and braid the chosen small section. I do that all over and I’m done! A couple of days later (yup, I did say this takes patience) I take the braids down and do some ruffling. Then, you have detangled, shiny, soft hair that’s ready to be styled however you like! My hair has been growing a lot which I’m really happy about. It’s a few inches past my collar bone and I’m planning to do a length check post this summer, when it’s even longer.


5 thoughts on “Soft & Shiny Hair – How I Do It

  1. Danibella says:

    Oh my goodness! That definition, so nice! …and your scalp is always looking fresh and quenched. Now I know your secret. I also do the LCO method, makes more sense in my opinion. Thought I was the only one.



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