Better Seasons (P.o.W #4)

Bonus post! I say it’s a bonus post because I don’t usually put posts up on the weekend. However, I couldn’t wait until Monday; feels so far away right now (I’m typing this on Friday evening). I’m still doing my ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ project. This is probably the illustration I’ve done that I’m most happy with, so far. All the shadows and details are where I wanted them to be and I’m happy because it’s vibrant and the message is quite clear. This was also the first time I’ve illustrated the moon. Of course, the moon doesn’t purse its lips…it doesn’t even have any lips. But I wanted to give it some character, rather than drawing a simple white circle. I also added stars so that the sky would look more interesting. I am waiting for some awesome watercolours that will enable me to explore a lot more with different skin tones. Anyway – THERE WILL BE BETTER SEASONS. Life is hard at times, but hold on. I haven’t always found it easy to believe that things get better, but they really do, especially if you want them to, and you put your mind to things. I believe in Heaven, so during rough patches I try to remind myself that, either way, nothing can compare to that. No more pain, no more fear, worry. No more…

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